OhSeeDee is an architectural visualization studio based in Toronto, Canada. Our work aims to photographically reproduce an ethereal portrayal of habitable space and its objects.

Who We Are

Haitham Issam is a multi-disciplinary designer and visual artist. He has worked in Urban Design and Architecture all the while interacting with CG since 2004 with 512MBs of RAM.

In 2021, CG affection turned into what you are reading.


The name of this studio stems from my tendency to dwell on things which I believe are important for my work, often insignificant details can take considerable attention, sometimes to my detriment. Yet, I have not been diagnosed as obsessive compulsive, and I do believe I am not. While the name is cheeky wordplay in an attempt to convey an idiosyncrasy, I do not take it lightly.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be very disruptive and it further affects the lives of many people around those who are diagnosed with OCD. Please look into learning more about it, and perhaps donating for research here and here.
Thank you.